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    Welcome to "The Reserve" At Collectors Edge

    Since 1984, we have been driven by a passion to bring you the finest minerals in the world. Fine mineral specimens are unlike any other collectible – they are truly nature’s art.

    We explore the globe to bring you natural treasures, specializing in mineral masterpieces. Let us share our fine mineral expertise and help you build a collection of both beauty and substance.

    Bryan K. Lees, President
    Collector’s Edge Minerals, Inc.

    Our Mineral Gallery

    The gallery is intended to present our visitors with a taste of the world’s finest crystallized mineral specimens. Each specimen in our gallery is currently available for sale.

    Collecting the very finest specimens is an exciting and challenging endeavor. We stand ready to assist new and experienced collectors in the selection of mineral specimens that you will be proud to own. Please let us know how we can be of service!

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    About Fine Minerals

    Crystallized mineral specimens are nature’s works of art. Collecting these colorful, intricate, and natural sculptures is stimulating and rewarding. For hundreds of years, these natural treasures were studied and displayed by scientists and the aristocracy.

    Today, people from all walks of life collect fine mineral specimens. We are fortunate to be living in the “Golden Age” of mineral collecting.

    About Collecting Fine Minerals

    Rare & Precious

    Superb mineral specimens occur rarely in nature. After forming within the Earth, these natural treasures are often damaged from a variety of geological processes. Further, modern mechanized mining techniques cause widespread destruction of crystallized mineral specimens.

    Few people know how to properly collect and preserve these treasures. With these factors in mind, it is miraculous that these incredible natural works of art exist at all. Premier-quality mineral specimens are as rare as a single drop of water in a swimming pool.

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    Building A Collection

    As an industry leader for 35 years, Collector’s Edge is here to assist you in building a world-class mineral collection.

    All of us at Collector’s Edge, look forward to sharing our mineral collecting expertise with you.

    “Classic mineral specimens, like great works of art, achieve their status through experts’ judgments.”

    – Paul E. Desautels (Smithsonian)

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    About Collector's Edge

    Collector’s Edge is a worldwide leader in recovering, sourcing, preparing, and offering fine mineral specimens to museums and collector’s around the world.

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