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    "I took advice from none but the best. I listened, how I listened! That's how I finally became my own expert."

    Peggy Guggenheim

    Knowledge is the key to success in any collecting endeavor. An informed mineral collector makes better specimen selections and is more at ease in making purchasing decisions.

    Developing strong relationships with experienced mineral dealers such as Collector’s Edge can be of enormous benefit to a collector.

    At Collectors Edge, mineral specimens are our passion in life. Our sales staff have a combined 200+ years of fine mineral collecting experience.

    Our combined expertise is unmatched in the business, having assembled many of the world’s premier private and institutional mineral collections during the past three decades.

    The Sno-Cone

    Rhodochrosite with Tetrahedrite
    Good Luck Pocket, Sweet Home Mine, Colorado, USA

    One of the world’s finest mineral specimens ... a sculptural masterpiece! This specimen was collected by Bryan Lees in 1992. It was then sold to American music composer and Academy Award/Emmy Award Winner, James Horner. It was previously on display in the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

    Mineral collections are as unique as the individuals building the collections. There is no single “template” for building a fine mineral collection. Fundamentally, the collection needs to bring joy to its owner.

    World-class mineral collections come in many different forms. There are superb collections with less than 50 spectacular pieces, while other world-class collections have thousands of pieces. Collections can be general or worldwide in scope, they can focus on a specific mineral species, size, mine, state, or country. The variations between fine mineral collections are seemingly endless.

    Collectors frequently incorporate fine mineral specimens into their home or office décor as an art collector would display their acquired works of art.

    Displaying and enjoying these natural treasures of the Earth can enrich one’s life in a myriad of ways.

    Many advanced collectors view their mineral collections as a store of wealth and a part of their overall assets.

    That is to say, mineral specimens are not unlike fine art, gemstones, silver and gold coins, and other fine collectibles.

    To create a world-class mineral collection, it helps to have a deep desire to learn about fine minerals and a willingness to glean useful information from a wide variety of sources.

    Let us help you fall in love with fine minerals.

    “There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

    – Nelson Mandela

    Many top collectors seek out the very finest mineral specimens available in the marketplace. Collector’s Edge has 35 years of experience sourcing premier-level specimens for our customers.

    We hope that the at Collector’s Edge can be a gateway for helping you build a meaningful collection and discover the excitement of fine mineral collecting.

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