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    In Its Natural Form

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    "In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous"


    Iconic artists produce many masterworks during their lifetimes. For example, artist Pablo Picasso (pictured here) was exceptionally prolific throughout his long lifetime. The total number of artworks he created is estimated at over 20,000 pieces. On the other hand, an exceptional mineral crystal pocket will typically yield only a precious few superb mineral specimens out of hundreds or even thousands of lesser examples.

    The formation of spectacular crystallized mineral specimens requires unique combinations of chemical elements and special geologic conditions.

    These conditions are rare occurrences in our dynamic and ever-changing Earth.

    Mining worldwide is becoming large-scale and highly mechanized, often destroying crystal pockets and mineral specimens in the process.

    As resources become exhausted and resource extraction methods change, undamaged elite mineral specimens are destined to become even more rare and valuable.

    Beryl variety Emerald in Quartz

    Kagem Mine, Copperbelt Province, Zambia

    Emerald specimens of this size and quality are seldom recovered from the Earth. Collector’s Edge painstakingly revealed this emerald from inside a solid quartz boulder. This specimen was placed in 2009 into one of the world’s most important Natural History museums – MIM Museum, Beirut, Lebanon.

    A whole new generation are discovering mineral collecting from online sources and social media.

    Collector’s Edge actively shares updates and our latest premier mineral specimens through our Instagram profile. We invite you to follow our journey.

    Today, superb mineral specimens routinely sell from tens to hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

    Truly exceptional specimens command seven-figure prices, and new price records are set every year.

    In 2013, this former Collector’s Edge specimen nicknamed “La Madonna Rosa,” broke a public auction record for a mineral specimen when it sold for $662,500 including buyer’s premium.

    Competition and a wealth of market information are transforming top-quality mineral specimens into a valued asset class as well as treasured, beautiful collectibles.

    Given the beauty and scarcity of world-class mineral specimens, as well as their increased demand, it is not surprising that prices for fine mineral specimens have risen dramatically in recent decades.

    Fine minerals are beginning to experience the stratospheric rise in valuation which fine art has seen in recent decades. Pictured here is Picasso’s ‘Les Femmes d’Algers’, which sold in auction in 2015 for $179 million.

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